torsdag 28. februar 2013


Yes, I'm back on my blog after not remembering to post here...
Well now I'm back and wanted to post what I'm currently working on in my art class. The current unit is shoes and we are looking at how we can include shoes in a painting/drawing, another focus of this unit is to re-inform us about shading. As you can see in the picture about it is my final drawing. The drawing mainly focuses on the shoe, but also on the environment at the back. In the foreground you can see dirt laying on the ground, I chose to have this in the picture because of the type of my shoes. In the middle ground you can see a river, I chose to include this because a river is the symbol of the city I live in. Last but not least in the far background I have a mountain, I chose to include this because this is one of the main symbols of Norway, the country I live in.

onsdag 3. oktober 2012

Evaluation Self-Portrait

In this unit we were to make a symbolic self portrait. My idea was to make an iPhone as an outline or a frame of the picture, the representation of the iPhone is that now a days we are using phones instead of drawing and painting landscapes and portraits, now it is just a push of a button and then your done. I feel that the picture I have made is a bit out of shape, but overall turned out ok.

Finished product

onsdag 25. april 2012


Today I did the last changes in my mask. This means that I added some red paint to the mask, and cut the outside of the mask to make it look neater. I also added a thread so I can wear the mask on. When this was done, we discussed our masks and this took most of both lessons. Here are the comments I received:

Sofie: Look's good except for the nose.
Marta: Look's nice.
Anisha: Good except for the nose.
Morgan: Looks like a devil.
Lodin: I think the mask look's generally good.

Finished Product

onsdag 7. desember 2011


During the ART DAY I continued with my synthetic cubist painting. I think it was a very successful painting, especially the new type of guitar that I invented by myself. If I would make another painting there are a few aspects I would like to change and this would be the gradiation of the empty spaces I had left. This is because it would make the picture more realistic and more like a 3D painting. The contours could also have been written in a neater way. The guitar was also a bit messy, but except for this, I think it was very good!

This is the final synthetic artwork and I think it was very good! I liked this unit infact.

torsdag 1. desember 2011


The previous lesson I finished my analytic cubist painting. This is my painting: [INSERT IMAGE]

I also had to relate this painting to another painting, this is the painting I chose:

This painting is pretty similar to my painting and it has a lot of the same features around it, but I really think that this painting is better then my painting since this man has been doing it for a longer period of time then I hav.

onsdag 28. september 2011


I think that my drawing was successful, I rotated the mouth because it looks like he smiles more then he is on the picture. I also think it could been better than it was. The head was a bit strange, the eyes was dark, the shadows could been better than they was.

Things that could been better: the head's shape, the eyes, the ear, the glasses.

Lodin: I think the drawing was successful and very bold and direct.
Sofie: I think it was good, you did the shadowing well.
Mirre: I think the rope was nice but I think the head had a strange shape, the lips are placed weird.
Roman: I like it, I think it's instantly recognizable.

Drawing project (part 3)

During the third lesson I had come this far on my iconic picture. The picture is well done I think. It could been better.