onsdag 3. oktober 2012

Evaluation Self-Portrait

In this unit we were to make a symbolic self portrait. My idea was to make an iPhone as an outline or a frame of the picture, the representation of the iPhone is that now a days we are using phones instead of drawing and painting landscapes and portraits, now it is just a push of a button and then your done. I feel that the picture I have made is a bit out of shape, but overall turned out ok.

Finished product

onsdag 25. april 2012


Today I did the last changes in my mask. This means that I added some red paint to the mask, and cut the outside of the mask to make it look neater. I also added a thread so I can wear the mask on. When this was done, we discussed our masks and this took most of both lessons. Here are the comments I received:

Sofie: Look's good except for the nose.
Marta: Look's nice.
Anisha: Good except for the nose.
Morgan: Looks like a devil.
Lodin: I think the mask look's generally good.

Finished Product