torsdag 28. februar 2013


Yes, I'm back on my blog after not remembering to post here...
Well now I'm back and wanted to post what I'm currently working on in my art class. The current unit is shoes and we are looking at how we can include shoes in a painting/drawing, another focus of this unit is to re-inform us about shading. As you can see in the picture about it is my final drawing. The drawing mainly focuses on the shoe, but also on the environment at the back. In the foreground you can see dirt laying on the ground, I chose to have this in the picture because of the type of my shoes. In the middle ground you can see a river, I chose to include this because a river is the symbol of the city I live in. Last but not least in the far background I have a mountain, I chose to include this because this is one of the main symbols of Norway, the country I live in.