onsdag 7. desember 2011


During the ART DAY I continued with my synthetic cubist painting. I think it was a very successful painting, especially the new type of guitar that I invented by myself. If I would make another painting there are a few aspects I would like to change and this would be the gradiation of the empty spaces I had left. This is because it would make the picture more realistic and more like a 3D painting. The contours could also have been written in a neater way. The guitar was also a bit messy, but except for this, I think it was very good!

This is the final synthetic artwork and I think it was very good! I liked this unit infact.

torsdag 1. desember 2011


The previous lesson I finished my analytic cubist painting. This is my painting: [INSERT IMAGE]

I also had to relate this painting to another painting, this is the painting I chose:

This painting is pretty similar to my painting and it has a lot of the same features around it, but I really think that this painting is better then my painting since this man has been doing it for a longer period of time then I hav.