onsdag 14. september 2011

Drawing lines on my icon

Hello, blog!
Today I am going to do my first entry to the the blog. During this first entry i will just talk about what we are doing during this unit and my feelings towards it.
During this unit our goal is to draw the face of an icon in black and white. When I first saw this i thought that it was going to be imposible. First Mr. Roman explained the grid method and how we could use it to draw a face. I realy think this is going to help me. As my icon I chose Dalai Lama. I chose Dalai Lama because he has little hair and he's got glasses and no one else chose anyone like this icon. I hope and believe that my picture will be succsesfull. I have already started and it doesn't look too bad so far. I chose this photo because it is an iconic picture of him.

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